The 3 C's of Auto Insurance Companies

Written by Michael Browne

Auto Insurance Reviews You know that your LoJack system can help police track your car if it's stolen, that your GPS system can prevent you from getting lost, and that if you have an accident, your OnStar system can help police or other first-responders pinpoint your location, but did you know that having a "connected car" can also help you save money on auto insurance?

According to Dave Ferrick, senior vice president and general manager of Cross Country Automotive Services, which owns subsidiary companies that either make in-car sensors or track the data they provide, the automatic crash notification technology already incorporated into more than 8 million vehicles on North American roads could provide immediate savings to auto insurers, and, in theory, to consumers as well, simply by providing earlier notification when a vehicle is "lost."

This, however, is just one way technology is helping us save money on car insurance. Even without someone gathering the data from the sensors within our airbags and emergency brakes, we are able to go online to compare price quotes, add or delete members of our families from our insurance policies, learn safer driving tips, and even file accident claims.

Well, we can do all that if we choose a "connected" car insurance company.

We live in a technological age. States are making laws about using our smartphones - or any cellular or wireless device - while we're behind the wheel, but insurers are counting on our tech addiction to boost customer loyalty by declaring that there actually is an app for that. When choosing an auto insurance company, then, we must look at factors beyond price.
What should we examine, then, in addition to the numbers provided when we request a quote? Here are key factors:

  1. Connectivity: Does this insurer have a user-friendly website? How about a smartphone app that lets you check rates AND file claims?
  2. Customer Service: If you need to speak with a live person, can you? And if you have a question, how fast do you get a response?
  3. Consumer Confidence: Do other clients report a good experience with this company? Why or why not?

Whether you're planning to shop for less expensive insurance, or are about to buy your first car, we believe all of these factors are important when considering your choice of car insurance company, so please, use an online quote engine to generate quotes, but before you commit, check to see how your chosen insurer measures up to the "Three C's," and don't underestimate the first one - Connectivity.

As David Ferrick says, "From the insurance carriers' perspective, the quicker they can process the claim, the quicker their policy holder gets the car back in the driveway. Accelerating the process directly translates into higher customer satisfaction with the carrier, reduced costs for towing and repair, and less risk of the claim resulting in disputes and higher claim costs."

Translation: greater connectivity = greater savings.

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