Esurance Review

Written by Michael Browne

Esurance ReviewCompany Overview:  Esurance is made up of roughly 1,700 employees in 13 offices spread across the United States, and does business via the internet in thirty states. It was one of the first dot-com auto insurance sites to survive the dot-com crash, and since its inception has become one of the best known names in auto insurance. Esurance specializes in a streamlined process, digital interaction, and low rates.

Auto Insurance Products: In addition to standard car insurance for private passenger autos, Esurance also offers collector car insurance, and covers motorcycles, boats, ATVs and snowmobiles, though some of these products are offered in partnership with other insurers. It does not offer business lines.

Customer Service: Esurance does business almost entirely over the internet, though phone numbers are featured prominently on the website. Customers can use the website to ask questions, file claims, monitor repairs, and manage their accounts, and phone numbers are also available, but web-based interaction is pushed.

Consumer Satisfaction: Esurance has an A+ rating from the BBB as well as being an accredited company. Customer response on more public for a, like Viewpoints, is mixed, however, with the company's rating averaging 3.72 out of 5, and a 77% recommendation rate. Comments are often about the fact that while convenient, the products aren't terribly comprehensive (Esurance is designed for extremely mainstream, vanilla clients, so this should not be considered a drawback) and that the required EFT payment plan is limiting.

Connectivity: Compared to more established "click-and-mortar" brethren, the Esurance website ( is pretty streamlined. You can request quotes, file claims, manage your account or monitor the status of claims or repairs, but there's not as much extraneous information as other sites offer. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as Esurance's whole mission involves simplicity. Is there an app for that? The iPhone app store offers the free Esurance Mobile app which allow clients to file claims and pay bills among other things. Esurance was also one of the first insurance companies to develop an app for the Windows 7 smartphone OS.  

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