Eastwood Insurance Review

Written by Michael Browne

Eastwood InsuranceCompany Overview: Establised in 1989, and based in Anaheim, California, Eastwood Insurance Services offers auto and home insurance to people who may have trouble obtaining policies - especially auto insurance - from more mainstream companies. They specialize in non-English speaking clientele, and those who have poor credit, or bad driving histories, including DUIs or extensive tickets.

Auto Insurance Products: Eastwood Insurance Services focuses primarily on hard-to-place auto insurance for people with "dented" insurance or driving histories.  

Customer Service: Free quotes are offered by phone or web, but as this company tends to operate as a broker, more than an end-line insurance provider, which means customers may end up dealing with a variety of different agents and representatives from other insurance companies, usually Nationwide, as Eastwood is essentially their feeder for a specific demographic.

Consumer Satisfaction:  Since Eastwood is essentially a feeder to Nationwide, the BBB gives it the same A+ rating as its parent company, though only the Nationwide headquarters is accredited. Specific Eastwood branches may or may not be accredited, but most are not. Viewpoints.com has only one customer review for Eastwood - not enough to offer a real rating. It's noted that while the company is quick to place policies, getting help is often difficult.

Connectivity: The Eastwood website is little more than a splash page with a toll-free phone number, promises that they speak Spanish, and a link for free quotes. They don't intentionally mask their connection to Nationwide, and on their "about us" page, people are referred to a nationwide.com email address for general corporate queries.

Is there an app for that? Eastwood does not have any smartphone apps under its own name, but Nationwide apps may work for people who already hold policies.

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