Cheapest Auto Insurance | Points on Driving Record

Written by Michael Browne

Cheapest Auto InsuranceIf you have points on your driving record, then you're certainly not alone - and finding the cheapest auto insurance available is very important. Police officers in the United States issue roughly 3 billion traffic citations every year to American motorists. And from minor speeding incidents to habitual drunk driving charges, the vast majority of these traffic citations result in points issued against the offender's driver's license. Here at, we provide you with powerful research tools so that you can conveniently and simplistically compare the best rate quotes between major insurers.

From state to state, the amount of points per incident varies. One thing is consistent though: if you receive too many points on your driver's license in too short of a time span, your driving privileges will be suspended. And as every of American knows: being without a valid driver's license has a seriously detrimental effect on your ability to make money. However, loss of driving privileges is not the only way that points against your driver's license affects you; they also increase your premium rates for your automobile insurance policies. Still, you can find effective, cheap auto insurance by comparing various vehicle insurance rate quotes simultaneously.

How long do points stay on my driving record?

While each state issues different amounts of points for different traffic offenses - and has different stipulations for how long those points stay on your record - it generally takes about 3 years for them to drop off.

Is there anything that I can do to speed the process up?

Almost every state offers driver's improvement classes, that when completed, qualify individuals to have points removed from their driver's licenses early. More and more states are offering these courses online – 24/7/365. The concept is quite simple actually: you pay money to complete the classes; you complete the classes and become a more responsible driver; the state generates revenue; points get removed from your driving record - and insurance companies offer you more affordable automobile insurance.

Anyway you look at it, it's going to take a little time. Meanwhile, it is still your legal requirement to maintain a valid policy for automobile insurance. That's why finding the absolute cheapest auto insurance available is not just a good idea - it is a very necessary element of every family budgeting plan. So let us help! Take your time and enjoy the resources that we freely provide you here. Experience how easy it is to find excellent coverage limits with cheap premium rates for your automotive insurance policy. And thank you for visiting us!