Cheapest Senior Citizen Auto Insurance

Written by Michael Browne

Cheap Senior Citizen Auto InsuranceIt's no secret that the Baby Boomers are retiring in droves now - so finding the cheapest senior citizen auto insurance is imperative! makes it easy for you to compare between the best senior citizen insurance rate quotes from leading insurers around the country. As we enter into 2010, more and more of the projected 54,000,000 American senior citizen drivers for 2020 are hitting the roads every day. This is a trend that will not reverse. To the contrary, it will continue to increase significantly each year. That's why finding the cheapest auto insurance for senior citizens is so important!

Consider the following fast facts about senior citizen drivers:

  • Senior citizen drivers are safer drivers - well, at least they get an A for effort;
  • Senior citizen drivers wear their seat belts more than all other groups of drivers;
  • Older drivers realize what situations they should avoid such as inclement weather, rush hour, school runs and times of darkness;
  • Senior citizen drivers are far less likely to be irresponsible concerning drinking and driving;
  • Like all other groups of drivers, senior citizen drivers demonstrate great diversity amongst their individual driving safety records;

So as you can see, there are a lot of good reasons why senior citizen auto insurance rates can be lower than many other groups of drivers. With age comes wisdom many times - and insurance companies like wisdom. And while many times senior citizen drivers are granted excellent rates for automotive insurance, the following facts still apply:

  • As people age, they become more prone to having automotive accidents. Even though they generally spend less time on the roads, and are safer about their habits, their rates of being involved in automotive collisions increase;
  • Because senior citizen drivers are more physically fragile than their younger counterparts, it happens that fatality rates for senior drivers are 17 times higher than are the fatality rates of those who are 25 to 65 years of age;
  • Senior citizen drivers are involved in more collisions per mile than any of the other driver groups - besides teenagers;
  • While 55 years of age seems quite young, automotive industry experts agree that is the age that driving skills begin to deteriorate;

Make no mistake about it: finding the cheapest auto insurance for senior citizens is very important in your life. As long as we wish to take to the roads, it will be a legal requirement in every state that we maintain valid automotive insurance policies. Please take your time as you visit our site, use our powerful research tools - and find the absolute cheapest senior citizen auto insurance available for you. Thank you so much for visiting!