Types of Cheap Auto Insurance

Cheap Car InsuranceWhen it comes to auto insurance, there are as many coverage specialties as there are types of car.

If you have a collector car that you've spent years lovingly refurbishing, you probably won't find insurance for it at the same company that handles your recreational vehicle, but there's a good chance the company that covers your Prius can also insure your Harley.

Auto insurance companies go beyond even those divisions, though. Some handle ATVs and golf carts, while others specialize in race cars, for example, and a few will even insure your boat, plane, or jet ski.

Then there are the special coverage options within the realm of normal passenger cars. Your pickup with a tow hitch might require slightly different coverage than your gas/electric hybrid, or your plug-in electric car, and if you've modified that classic Beetle in your driveway, or souped up your Mazda, you might need special endorsements.

There is even auto insurance available for when Fido or Fifi rides along in your minivan.

This section is where you'll be able to learn more about the different Types of insurance.

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