Cheap auto insurance for your 4x4

Written by Michael Browne

Cheap auto insurance for your 4x4Record numbers of 4x4 vehicles are being sold every year in the United States - and we are here to help you find the most effective, cheapest off-road-capable automobile insurance policies available. While it used to be that landowners, farmers and avid outdoor enthusiasts were the most likely purchasers of 4x4 vehicles, today that is simply not so. In fact, luxury, 4x4 SUVs are selling like crazy to city dwellers everywhere - and the majority of them will never see anything more challenging than a paved, well-lit road. Bursting with confidence, ability and style, these modern off-road vehicles are much more about family safety than about ascending steep, muddy slopes. And family safety is also 1 of the most important reasons why finding the cheapest auto insurance for your 4x4 vehicle is so very important.

Fast facts about 4x4 vehicles and automotive insurance:

  • The powerful, tough image of 4x4 vehicles appeals to hundreds of thousands of perspective vehicle purchasers on a yearly basis;
  • Pedestrians, as well as all people using the roads and sidewalks, are at least twice as likely to be killed as a result of being hit by a 4x4 vehicle. Vehicular weight, size and higher points of bodily/vehicular impact are the reasons;
  • 4x4 vehicles are manufactured with more rigid design standards than are non-4x4 types;
  • Many 4x4 vehicles have limited close-up visibility due to their heights;
  • In collisions involving a 4x4 vehicle with a smaller, non-4x4 vehicle, the people in the smaller vehicle are more than 12 times more likely to be killed than are theose in the 4x4s;
  • Side impact crashes with 4x4 vehicles are more than 4 times more likely to result in death than are side impact crashes with smaller vehicles;
  • Many 4x4 vehicles have up to 30-foot blindspots;

So, while drivers and passengers of off-road, 4x4 vehicles are seemingly quite safe and sound, the pedestrians and other drivers on the roads with them need to be extra careful. The big sizes, heavy weights and extended blindspot areas of 4x4 SUVs and trucks can be a recipe for increased danger and damage. Finding cheap auto insurance for your off-road-capable 4x4 truck or large SUV should definitely be on the top of your action list. So, take your time and enjoy comparing the best rate quotes from various major insurance companies here are at Thank you for visiting!