Cheapest Auto Insurance for Race Cars

Written by Michael Browne

Cheap Auto Insurance for Race CarsEvery race car owner and driver is highly interested in finding the cheapest auto insurance available to keep their car, equipment and racing rig effectively insured while traveling the circuits. In a split second, a completely innocent race car driver can experience mechanical, personal and financial devastation. Cars can be wrecked. Drivers, mechanics, pit members and even spectators can be injured. Automotive repairs, hospital bills and (hopefully not) lawsuits can turn a dream life of a racing excitement into a nightmare of monetary ruin. Don't worry - we're not gonna let that happen! gives you everything you need to search for the cheapest race car auto insurance - and for those policies which offer the coverage limits that you require. We understand that your investment in your race car is more than an opportunity to generate revenue; it's your passion. It's what you really want to be doing all of the time. And we understand that you need to protect that. So go ahead - compare the best insurance rate quotes from major insurance providers that specialize in race car coverage. Reducing overhead expenditures is a serious consideration in any successful business plan. That's why finding the absolute cheapest race car auto insurance is imperative to your team's long-term success.

Interesting, fun race car facts:

  • Using engines powered by nitromethane, NHRA Top Fuel Funny Cars and Dragsters generate upwards of 7000 horses - about 40 times more than a normal vehicle!
  • Just 1 of the 8 cylinders on a Top Fuel car produces as much horsepower as a an entire NASCAR engine.
  • A Top Fuel dragster blasts from 0 to 60 in just 8/10 of a second!
  • A reverse force 7 times stronger than gravity is initiated with both parachutes are deployed on a funny car.
  • Dragsters launch off starting lines with a force that is almost 5 times as strong as gravity. In fact, it equals the force exerted during a launching of the space shuttle.
  • Top fuel racing vehicles drink down between 4 and 5 gallons of fuel for every quarter-mile traveled. That's about 18 gallons per mile!
  • 7000 horses + reach the rear wheels of a dragster in just 15/100s of a second. ZZZIPPP!

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