Cheapest Hybrid Auto Insurance

Written by Michael Browne

Hybrid Auto InsuranceHundreds of thousands of Americans annually search for the cheapest auto insurance for their new hybrid vehicles. The Green Philosophy has gained huge momentum and will continue to shape the future of all industries - especially the automotive industry. With the assistance of an electric motor, the traditional gasoline engine of a vehicle is made to perform more efficiently. Emissions are reduced significantly. Fuel economy ratings are also increased – but to a less significant degree. With the widespread usage of hybrid vehicles, the conglomerative carbon footprint of the automotive industry can be dramatically reduced. Everybody's going Green now – and is here to help!

We offer you powerful research tools that enable you to make side-by-side comparisons of the best rate quotes for the cheapest hybrid automotive insurance from major insurance providers. AAA, Allstate, Geico, AIG and more will all be competing to be the provider for your hybrid automobile insurance. With your bargaining power so greatly increased, you will be able to quickly find a policy which offers the highest coverage limits - at the lowest possible prices. So have fun exploring!

Fast, fun facts about hybrid vehicles:

  • In 1902, Ferdinand Porsche invented the world's 1st-ever hybrid car. Its name was Mixte.
  • The Japanese-made Toyota Prius from 1997 was the world's first commercially-available hybrid vehicle.
  • While hybrid vehicles do increase fuel economy ratings, they are more famous for significantly reducing environmentally-harmful emissions - up to 90% less than traditional gasoline-engine vehicles in fact.
  • Although some plug-in models are still being experimented with and manufactured, most modern hybrid vehicles use regenerative braking systems to recharge their batteries.
  • Hybrid vehicles retain their resale value far better than their strictly-gasoline-burning counterparts.
  • The US government now offers appreciable tax rebates for purchasers of hybrid vehicles.
  • Hybrid technologies have been commonly seen in mopeds, submarines, heavy equipment, mining trucks and more.
  • Besides not giving off harmful emissions, hybrid vehicles are almost silent as they operate.
  • In 2004, about 80,000 hybrid vehicles were sold in the United States. In 2006, more than 256,000 hybrid vehicles were sold in the US.

Enjoy finding the cheapest auto insurance for your hybrid car, SUV or truck here at We know that hybrid vehicles are here to stay - and we love to help people save money. Thank you for visiting!