Safe Driving Tips for Halloween

According to Allstate Insurance Company data, there is a 25% increase in the number of Californians hit by cars on Halloween, as compared to any other part of the month. This dramatic jump is mainly related to car accidents involving pedestrians, and is specifically related to trick-or-treaters.

In a discussion with the press, San Diego-based exclusive Allstate agent Brook Daly reminded us, “Because this Halloween falls on a weekend, there may be even more kids and cars on the road late at night, potentially creating a dangerous situation. Whether driving or walking with kids during trick-or-treating, it’s important to remain alert.”

Merely being aware, however, is not enough. Pedestrians are also cautioned not to text and walk, and not just on Halloween, either. Apparently, December 10th is the most dangerous day of any year for Californians who hoof it.

Nevertheless, there are three things people can do to help keep Halloween safe for all involved:

  1. Be alert: Kids are notorious for darting into traffic on normal days. On Halloween, they’re hopped up on sugar and excitement, and dressed in costumes that may involve dark colors or masks that obscure vision. They may not see you, but you should watch for them. Reduce your speed in residential areas.
  2. Don’t Text and Drive: You shouldn’t be doing this anyway, but it’s especially important to keep your eyes off your phone and on the road on Halloween. Remember that it’s not just kids you have to watch for. Adults may be driving to or from Halloween parties.
  3. Don’t Drink and Drive: Again, it’s common sense. If you’re hosting a Halloween party, make sure you have a spare bed or couch to host a guest who over-indulges, and don’t be shy about taking away someone’s keys until they’re sober. If you’re attending a party, be sure to travel with a designated driver. After all, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says, no costume can conceal a drunk driver.
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