Five Fast Facts: Things Your Insurance Does NOT Cover

The best auto insurance plans cover you fairly comprehensively, but there are always exclusions. Today, let’s look at five things your standard insurance policy probably does not cover.

  1. Personal property in your car: Most of the time this is covered by your homeowners or renters insurance policy, though you can buy riders for your auto insurance if you have specific gear that’s always on board.
  2. Intent to harm: If you’re mad at a colleague, and drive your car into theirs with the intent to cause a crash your insurance probably won’t cover the damage to your car, and it may not cover the damage to them. Consider anger management classes, instead.
  3. Business use of your vehicle: If you or your teenager takes a job delivering pizzas, make sure either the company or you yourself adds business coverage to your auto insurance policy. Otherwise, if there’s an accident, you won’t be covered.
  4. Other vehicles you own: Okay, this is really nitpicky, but your un- or underinsured motorist insurance does not apply if you are in a crash with another of your own cars, whether a family member is driving it, or you forget it’s in the garage and hit it from behind.
  5. Flames and pin-striping: Fancy paint jobs look good, and are great fun, but unless you purchase a separate endorsement, your insurance won’t cover them if they’re damaged. For that matter, it also doesn’t cover flat tires, or damage from normal use.

If you think all these exclusions make auto insurance too expensive to keep, consider that most of these are rare occurrences. Most of the time, your existing coverage will protect you.

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