Connecticut: Tough on Teens to Save Lives

Officials in the state of Connecticut are reporting that the new, tougher restrictions on teen drivers are having a life-saving impact.

In 2009, there were six fatal crashes involving 16- and 17-year-old drivers, the lowest number in twelve years, the Insurance Journal says. This is largely attributed to the task force created by Governor M. Jodi Bell to focus on teen driving habits, especially after several high-profile traffic fatalities.

The task force made recommendations for stricter laws, and in 2008, the state legislature turned those recommendations into actual laws, which included an 11:00 PM driving curfew and a double aount of behind the wheel training before teenagers could be licensed.

In addition, the parents of teen drivers are required to attend a two-hour on teen driving.

As a result, says Democratic State Rep. Antonio Guerrera in an article in the Hartford Courant, modern Connecticut teens are “more serious” behind the wheel.

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