Five Fast Facts: Winter Driving Safety

In the wee hours of tomorrow morning, we’ll be experiencing the first lunar eclipse that also coincides with the Winter Solstice, but even if you’re driving in bright daylight, here are a few things you should know, or do, before you get on the road, whether you’re going down the block for groceries, or miles away to celebrate the holidays with family.

  1. Get Winterized! Take some time to ready your car for winter by checking your fluid levels, windshield wipers, car battery, tires, and brakes. As well, always start your journey with a full tank of gas, and if you’re driving through rural areas in winter, never let it get too close to empty.
  2. Safety Matters: Make sure you have a first aid kit and a safety kit (water, blankets, flares, flashlight), but also be certain that your insurance information and the number for any roadside assistance service you’ve got are in your phone and in your glovebox before you leave home.
  3. Stay Shiny: On dark winter days, it’s especially important that your head- and tail lights are clean, so other drivers can see them better. Also, if your car isn’t using LED lights, make sure the bulbs are in good shape. Not only is this important for safety, but a burned-out bulb could get you a traffic ticket.
  4. Focus: Always keep your attention on the road, and not on your favorite electronic gizmo. Texting while driving in inclement weather is asking for trouble.
  5. Catch Some Z’s: Always get ample rest before your journey, and if you find yourself growing tired while on the road, avail yourself of a rest stop. Also, be on the alert for stop-and-go traffic, stopped cars, and animals in the roadway.
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