Sleigh Insurance? Travel Insurance Covers It

Every winter, tourists trek to the heart of Lapland not just to visit Santa Claus, but to actually ride in his sleigh. It’s considered a great form of family fun, actually, to participate in a reindeer-drawn sleighride through the cold Scandinavian countryside. But even if the reindeer there aren’t literally flying, they do go fairly quickly, and if Donder (yes, that is the correct spelling) or Blitzen spies a lonely carrot on someone’s doorstep, and goes off-course, you might find yourself flung through air unwillingly.

The good news? Even if Santa’s sleigh doesn’t qualify for specialty auto insurance (many insurers aren’t sure whether it counts as an auto, ATV, or aircraft, after all) you will be covered by your travel insurance for any medical expenses you’re likely to incur.

Your holiday insurance – assuming you bought some – will also cover your journey home, by a safe, earthbound, husky-drawn sled.

It will not, however, cover your psychiatric care, when you become depressed over the fact that no one at home in the U.S. believes you rode in a sleigh at all!

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