New Year’s Day Highest for Car Crimes

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) has released it’s annual report on the highest and lowest numbers of car thefts on a per-day basis, and the winner? Christmas Day sees the fewest, and New Year’s Day holds the lead for the most reported stolen vehicles, at least in 2009.

Despite the fact that many of us enjoy the holidays by taking time off work, for car thieves, the more festive times of year are just another day at the “office.” In fact, for the eleven holidays reviewed in 2009, a total of 22,991 vehicles were reported as being stolen, down slightly from 24,676 thefts reported on those same days in 2008.

It’s true that vehicle thefts have been declining over the last six years, and preliminary FBI theft data for this year thinks that may be continuing, it’s wise to stay vigilant. Always roll up your windows, and lock your car when you leave it. Always keep your auto insurance current. Always park in illuminated areas.

The complete list of 2009 holiday vehicle theft tallies is as follows:

  1. New Year’s Day: 2,760
  2. Halloween: 2,235
  3. Independence Day: 2,207
  4. Memorial Day: 2,207
  5. President’s Day: 2,204
  6. Labor Day: 2,202
  7. New Year’s Eve: 2,189
  8. Valentine’s Day: 2,090
  9. Christmas Eve: 1,851
  10. Thanksgiving: 1,620
  11. Christmas Day: 1,336
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