Five Fast Facts: Money Saving Trends

There are lots of ways to get cheap auto insurance, but the following five trends are fairly universal – meaning they’re not limited to just a few people with the right credit score, job connection, or zip code. Consider these five fast ways your auto insurance will improve in 2011.

  1. Mileage-based Rates: Pay-as-you-drive insurance policies are expanding, and should become fairly widespread this year. For those of us who have a short commute and don’t take road trips, this means big savings.
  2. Smart Phone Apps: Almost every mainstream insurance company, and many of the smaller ones, offers smart phone applications to help policy holders access their insurance information, pay their premiums, or even file claims, all while they’re on the go.
  3. Discounts for Good Driving: Many auto insurers are rewarding their customers who have clean driving records with discounts, rebates, reduced deductibles, or accident forgiveness.
  4. Budget Options: The economy is still squeezing the life out of many of us, but by doing research, you can still find companies offering good, if basic, coverage, for really affordable rates.
  5. Greater Competition: Just to make thinks even easier for all of us, most insurers are offering rates that are extremely competitive.
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One Response to Five Fast Facts: Money Saving Trends

  1. Gonzalo says:

    Great and interesting post. Now everyone, no matter how tight the budget they may live on, can afford to get benefits from insurance companies. I believe auto insurance companies will come up with more updates for us to live better and easier on the course of this year.