Massachusetts Atty General Says No to Progressive

Martha Coakley, Attorney General for the state of Massachusetts, is pushing state regulators to say no to a request from Progressive Corp to increase auto insurance rates for commercial policyholders by 23.5 percent.

In a letter to the Division of Insurance, Coakley wrote that the proposed Progressive rate increase is excessive as well as being unfair to businesses. She also argued that data used by the Ohio-based insurance company in order to justify the planned rate hike was not consistent with the proposal.

As well, Coakley said, Progressive’s rate increase request contradicts both its own claims history and the overall claims history for the state of Massachusetts. The firm, she said, has refused to provide her office with key information or to respond to questions about its calculations.

A spokesperson for Progressive said that the company actually did provide the required documentation to the insurance regulators and the attorney general’s office.

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