Idaho: Ok to Text and Drive

While many states are jumping on the “Don’t Text and Drive” bandwagon, Idaho is taking a different tack. A member of the Idaho House of Representatives has proposed a bill that would allow texting while driving, as long as the driver is not distracted.

According to House Bill 141, which was proposed by Representative Marv Hagedorn (R-Meridian), a driver may not use any electronic device that “…causes such [a] person to be distracted or otherwise fail to exercise due care…” but texting while driving is not explicitly banned. The bill also creates a $75 fine for distracted driving when a driver is caught using a hand-held electronic device.

While the concept of texting and keeping your eyes on the road may sound mind boggling, Rep. Hagedorn said that his proposal offers a compromise between those who believe texting while driving should be banned outright, and those who killed a proposed texting ban in last year’s legislative session.

No mention was made of how this proposal might affect auto insurance rates.

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