Don’t Eat and Drive

While much of the United States is concerned about texting while driving, insurance companies across the pond are concerned about a different sort of driver distraction: eating behind the wheel.

Leading UK auto insurer Swinton Insurance recently completed a survey of 1,200 of its online customers, and found that 35% of them admit to eating while driving, and 25% of those folks confess that they do it fairly frequently. The most common meal that’s eaten on the move? 11% of those surveyed said breakfast was their personal “meal on wheels.”

Just as texting or talking on a hand-held phone can cause a driver to become distracted, and cause traffic accidents, so, too can eating while driving. In England, drivers caught doing so can actually be convicted of “driving without due care and attention,” earning themselves a fine and up to nine points on their licenses, which could adversely affect future car insurance premiums.

According to Steve Chelton, Insurance Development Manager at Swinton, “If you are in a rush somewhere then eating behind the wheel might seem like a good option, however motorists need to give their full attention to the road. Driving while distracted is against the law and being convicted of the offence could mean penalty points and a hefty fine.”

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