NC Considering Further Cell-Phone Bans for Motorists

Insurers in North Carolina must be going crazy trying to figure out how all the new legislation rolling out of the state house is going to affect coverage premiums. The latest? Another cell-phone related ban is being considered.

Already, the state has banned teen drivers from using cell phones behind the wheel, and banned all drivers from texting or using email while driving, but now they’re considering going further, considering a measure that would ban ALL cell phone use while driving, unless it was being used hands-free via Bluetooth or voice-activation.

Under the measure, fines would be $100, but no insurance points would be incurred.

At the core of the debate isn’t whether or not cell phone use is distracting – everyone agrees that it is – but on whether safety, and the ability to enforce safety requirements is more important than the freedom to engage in risky behavior.

State Representative Garland Pierce of Scotland County, the principal sponsor of the bill, said protection the public is worth some extra limitations, but Representative Craig Horn of Union County pointed out that drinking a hot beverage behind the wheel can be pretty distracting as well.

What do you think?

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