California Department of Insurance Visits College Campuses

If you’re a college student in California, you might have noticed that representatives of the state Department of Insurance have been visiting college campuses.

Their mission: to introduce students to the CLCA – California Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program – a program designed to give qualifying drivers affordable auto insurance.

As with any low-cost program, there are eligibility requirements. These include:

  • A clean driving record: Applicants may have no more than one at-fault property-damage only accident or one point for a moving violation in the last three years.
  • No at-fault accidents involving bodily injury or death in the last three years.
  • No misdemeanor or felony convictions for violating state vehicle code.
  • Income limits of $27,225/year for a single person, $36,775/year for two people, and $55,875/year for a family of four
  • Maximum value of the vehicle to be insured is $20,000

Just how “low cost” is the insurance offered through the CLCA? According to Deputy Insurance Commissioner Chris Schultz, liability coverage can cost as little as $26/month.

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