Save on car Insurance When Buying a new Car

Everyone knows that car insurance can be quite expensive when you buy a brand new car, but in actuality, it does not have to be that expensive. You just need to remember that the amount of insurance premium you pay depends on the type of car you own. Before you make the purchase, it might be advisable to call your insurance company and tell them you are buying a new car and what to know how much insurance would be on the cars you care considering. This way it will help you know just what type of car to look at according to the amount of insurance premium you can afford to pay.

Another factor Auto insurance companies consider when figuring premiums is if the car is difficult to steal and if it has low car repair costs in case of an accident. There are rumors that have circulated for years that a red car is more expensive to insurer than other colors, but it is just that. It is a rumor because the color of a car does not figure into how much of an insurance premium you pay.

Some of the other factors that insurance companies take into consideration include cars with higher safety ratings will help save you money. The insurance company figures these types of cars will help keep the occupants safer if there is an accident. If you buy a car that is a few years older than the current year it will cost less to insure the car because it will be cheaper to replace or repair. If you are only planning on driving this car on weekends and not to drive to work, let your insurance company know because this information will help reduce your premium.

Although this applies to any car you drive, it will help you reduce your premium and have you paying less if you maintain a consistent conviction free and accident free driving record. A higher deductible will also help to lower your premium, but with a new car you will most likely have a car payment so make sure that you can afford to pay higher deductible if there is an accident.

When it comes to buying a new car and insuring it, it may make a difference if the car is American made or made overseas. The insurance company may figure it would be cheaper to repair or replace an American made car than one made overseas. This is a question that you should ask your insurance company before you purchase a car made overseas.

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