CEI Now Allows Tracking of Secondary Drivers of Fleet Cars

If you work for a major corporation, you’re probably aware that your company owns a fleet of cars, even if you aren’t among those who actually drives one of them. Someday, however, you might be with your boss on a business trip, and find yourself behind the wheel of his or her company car, or maybe your spouse has a company car, and you have to drive it for a day. It is for just these situations that The CEI Group, Inc., (CEI) the company which provides risk management solutions to much of the insurance industry, has updated it’s DriverCare Risk Manager to help account for the accident and liability risks that come when business associates or household members drive corporate fleet vehicles.

Specifically, DriverCare Risk Manager now allows the folks who manage fleets of cars to account for these secondary drivers in several ways, including:

  • Creating files for the spouses and licensed adult children of those employees who are authorized to drive fleet cars.
  • Linking those files to the files associated to the primary fleet driver (the actual employee), so that they’re easily accessed.
  • The ability to assign a risk rating to secondary drivers based on their driving records, and to use a more stringent risk scale for such drivers.

Basically this means that if you’re driving your spouse’s company car, the company will be able to track that, and monitor accident history and driving habits based on your data, in order to help reduce accidents and prevent injuries, as well as to monitor costs and actual usage of fleet cars, and generate reports about all of it for the company car insurance provider, and the folks in the accounting office.

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