Florida Teens Can Take Permit Tests Online Once More

Last January, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles stopped a pilot program in which teenagers were allowed to take the test to get their learner’s permits online, after determining that roughly 40% of the people who took tests over the internet failed their exams when taking them in person.

On July 1st, a law signed into force by Governor Rick Scott reinstated the online test.

Steven Fiedler, speaking for the Florida DMV said that the online system has been improved, and that parents are now being held accountable for their teenagers’ behavior. If it is discovered that a teen cheated on the test, the parent’s driver’s license can be suspended.

According to Fiedler, about 70,000 teenagers apply for their learner’s permits every year, and the online test was designed as a concession to convenience.

It is too early to know if the new version of the test will also have a disparity when compared to written exams.

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