Connecticut Passes Motor Vehicle Fee Increase

With almost every state in the country feeling budgetary pain, it shouldn’t be at all surprising that many are looking for ways to bring more cash into the governmental coffers.

The state of Connecticut is no exception. At the heart of it’s attempt to increase revenue is the DMV. Specifically, the cash-strapped government of the Constitution State has passed a law increasing several Department of Motor Vehicle fees and charges.

These altered fees include an $8 increase for license renewals, which will now cost $72, and a $25 charge for failing to submit a renewal on time. There are similar additions to the fees for renewing vehicle registrations and other transactions.

The new fees aren’t the only changes Connecticut has put in motion, however. Also in effect as of July 1st are bigger fines for commercial drivers caught texting while operating their vehicles.

All of these changes are part of a single budget-balancing measure. The complete list of DMV fees and new laws can be found at the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles website.

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