Fewer Drunk Driving Arrests in MA

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) is happy to report that the number of arrests for drunk driving have declined over the past five years.

Specifically, there were only 14,834 arrests recorded for OUI (operating under the influence) in Massachusetts in 2010, as compared to 17,804 in 2008 and 15,850 two years before that.

According to a representative for the state police, the decrease in arrests doesn’t mean that people are less likely to drive when intoxicated, but that there are fewer officers on the roads to catch them. Five years ago, in 2006, Massachusetts had about 2,600 state troopers patrolling the highways. Now, there are only about 2,100.

Despite this, the department insists that keeping drivers who are under the influence from driving is one of its key priorities, though the fact that there are contradictory numbers from the RMV from just a week ago showing that OUI arrests are actually UP might just bear that out.

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