Colorado Begins Enforcing Expanded Car Seat Requirements

It may be true that children are safer when driving with their grandparents who tend to have cars loaded with safety devices, but now they’ll be safer than ever in Colorado, because as of Monday, car seats are required in the Mile High State for all children aged eight and under.

Before the first of August, car seats were only mandatory for children aged six and under.

This expanded child passenger safety law was actually passed last year, but before it went into effect Colorado spent a year educating parents and childcare providers about the change. Enforcement of the law began on Monday.

According to data from the Colorado State Patrol, in the years between 2006 and 2010, twenty children between the ages of four and seven died in car crashes in the state, eleven of whom were either improperly restrained or not restrained at all.

What happens to parents and caregivers caught driving with children aged eight and under not in a car seat? The fine for such an infraction is $82.

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