American Drivers: Not So Excellent

Ask most Americans and they’ll tell you they’re a pretty good driver, but according to a recent study by Allstate Corp., what people believe about their driving prowess, and what they actually do on the road are radically different.

According to Allstate’s survey, 64 percent of American drivers consider themselves to be “very good,” if not “excellent” on the road, but only 29% of Americans think their friends are also “excellent” or “very good” drivers, and as to other people their age – only 22% are perceived to be skilled behind the wheel.

Not surprisingly, the majority of those surveyed (53 percent) consider drivers from other nearby states to be “average” or “poor,” with only eight percent giving “very good” or “excellent” ratings to their neighbors across state lines.

Who else do American drivers think are lacking in their motoring skills? Teenagers ranked at the bottom, of course, with 81% of the survey respondents believing them to be “average” or poor, while 70% of the people who answered Allstate’s survey said senior citizens were also below average.

Men are more likely to think highly of their own driving (36 percent excellent) than they do of women drivers (only 26 percent), while those with a college education are considered to be better drivers than those who never graduated from college (35% vs. 28% “excellent” respectively).

Lest you think driving prowess is devoid of politics, you should know that 70% of Republican drivers feel they have excellent driving technique as compared with only 61% of Democrats or Independents.

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