Minnesota Campaign Catches 93 Extreme Speeders

If your car insurance coverage includes a diminishing deductible, better watch your speed. Moving violations can knock you back to the starting point of your plan.

You’ll probably want to be especially cautious about your speed if you’re driving in Minnesota, where the Department of Public Safety ticked 21 drivers for cruising along at speeds in excess of 100 mph, and 72 more who were under 100, but over 90 mph last month.

The citations were part of an increased campaign, which according to State Patrol Lt. Eric Roeske, was intended to demonstrate that the risk of crashing increases as speeds get faster.

According to Minnesota’s DPS, unsafe speeding was a factor in at least 86 deaths last year, most of which (65%) happened on rural roads.

The drivers ticketed for the worst speeding offenses last month were driving at 135 mph (Benson police citation), 118 mph (Swift County sheriff’s office citation) and 110 mph (Fridley police citation).

Even if you aren’t part of a diminishing deductible program, you’ll still wanted to avoid speeding through Minnesota. Drivers caught moving at speeds over 100mph risk losing their licenses for six months.

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