Utah Concerned about Accidents Among Off-roaders

Officials from the state of Utah are extremely concerned about injuries and deaths among people driving off-road vehicles. ORVs, which include all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, and even motorcycles are responsible for roughly 1,800 injuries and 14 deaths in that state every year.

Accordind to information from the Utah Department of Health, about a third of those accidents involve riders who are aged eighteen or younger. In the last month, for example, there were two deaths – one was a fifty-seven-year-old man and the other was a ten-year-old boy. Both were wearing safety helmets, the accident reports say.

Chris Haller, the OHV program manager for the state of Utah’s Parks and Recreations department, says that a safety class is required for ORV riders who are fifteen and younger, while anyone sixteen and older must possess a valid driver’s license, and about 45,000 people have taken the class so far.

Nevertheless, ORVs remain a significant danger, especially to younger riders.

Our advice? Always wear protective gear, ride with care, and be sure you have good insurance.

Haller says about 45,000 people have taken the safety classes.

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