New Jersey Man Sentenced for Car Insurance Fraud

Superior Court Judge Benjamin Telsey sentenced Casey M. Wendling of Millville, NJ, to five years of probation and restitution totaling $52,978 after he was found guilty of third-degree insurance fraud. The nature of the crime and the fact that he had no record meant that jail time was not an option under New Jersey law.

In his guilty plea last June, Wendling confessed that between September 11, 2008 and August 2, 2010 he filed a fraudulent vehicle theft claim to the Lincoln General Insurance Company stating that his 2007 Peterbilt tractor had been stolen when he knew it actually hadn’t been.

A police investigation revealed that the tractor was still in Wendling’s possession, though it had been repainted, and he’d changed out the VIN (vehicle identification number) plate, rendering two of the numbers on the engine’s serial number unreadable as well.

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