SC City Facing Legal Battles over Speed Cameras

Despite the fact that the city of Ridgeland, SC, ended its use of speed cameras on Interstate 95 several months ago, a legal battle is still brewing.

According to the State, the newspaper of Columbia, SC, attorneys for the company that helped install the cameras have asked a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed last year by another attorney who was representing three drivers who received tickets from Ridgeland police as a result of the cameras.

In another legal dispute, the attorney representing the City of Ridgeland asked the judge to rule on the town’s side, since a municipal judge had dismissed the three drivers’ tickets in June.

The city was widely criticized last year, when it had cameras installed along I-95 after legislators had passed a law restricting the use of such cameras to emergencies. In June, another law was passed in South Carolina, outlawing speeding tickets based solely on photographic evidence.

It is not known whether the drivers caught would have faced insurance issues had their tickets not been dismissed.

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