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Alfa Links Auto and Home Coverage in Alabama

Alfa Insurance Co has announced a change to their business practices in Alabama, which comes on the heels of last month’s rate increase for homeowners insurance. The change? The insurer, which is currently the second-largest property insurer in the state, … Continue reading

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Motorcycle Deaths Decreasing in Ohio

If you’re a motorcycle rider in Ohio, you might be interested to know that even as the biker population of the Buckeye state is increasing, the number of fatalities caused by motorcycle crashes is going down. According to numbers from … Continue reading

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Does Comprehensive Insurance Cover Squash?

It’s October, which means it’s hunting season in much of the midwest, and people should be on the alert for deer in the roadways. Apparently, if you’re in or around Cedar Rapids, IA, you should also be on the lookout … Continue reading

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Friday Matinee: Are Small Cars More Dangerous?

When we advise people about which cars are least expensive to insure, we generally explain that sports cars are pricey because of engine size, and teens should drive mid-sized sedans. This video suggests that small cars may be more expensive … Continue reading

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Safety Reminders for Deer Season

With the onset of fall comes the beginning of hunting season. While not every state is prone to a great many car vs. deer accidents, in states like Michigan and New York, there are as many as 50,000 such accidents … Continue reading

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