Does Comprehensive Insurance Cover Squash?

It’s October, which means it’s hunting season in much of the midwest, and people should be on the alert for deer in the roadways. Apparently, if you’re in or around Cedar Rapids, IA, you should also be on the lookout for falling squash.

It sounds like something Dave Barry would swear that he didn’t make up, but a driver was actually injured when a pumpkin that was either dropped or fell from an overpass north of Cedar Rapids crashed through her windshield.

According to local television station KCRG, the plummeting pumpkin pounded Cassandra Chase, age 34, just before 9:45 PM last Saturday. Her injuries were not life-threatening, and the Linn County Sheriff’s Office still has the incident under investigation.

I want to know if Ms. Chase carries comprehensive car insurance, and if so, is she covered, or would her collision coverage handle car vs. squash?

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