Motorcycle Deaths Decreasing in Ohio

If you’re a motorcycle rider in Ohio, you might be interested to know that even as the biker population of the Buckeye state is increasing, the number of fatalities caused by motorcycle crashes is going down.

According to numbers from the Ohio State Department of Public Safety, in the first nine months of 2010, 158 bikers died in crashes. In the same time period this year, only 120 people died in motorcycle crashes.

Granted, even 120 is too many, but at least the number is getting lower, and that’s a pretty good thing, considering that there are more than 711,000 Ohioans with a motorcycle endorsement or permit stamp on their drivers licenses. The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles says that two years ago, there were only about 700,000 people with that endorsement.

As to motorcycle insurance, a continuing downward trend in crash-related fatalities could mean lower rates in the future, but a larger risk pool could mean rates will go up. Your best bet? Keep your own driving record (on every vehicle) clean, and ask for discounts at every renewal.

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