Allstate Tells NC: Bundle or Buy Elsewhere

Allstate Insurance has made a change in their practices in North Carolina, and roughly 45,000 in that state have been informed their homeowner’s insurance policies will not be renewed unless they also buy an automobile policy (private or commercial) from the same company by December 15th.

Tracy Owens, an Allstate spokesperson representing the insurance company’s Atlanta-based Southeast Regional Office explained that it was an intensive review of the insurer’s book of North Carolina business that prompted the decision.

Owens said, “We wanted to be sure that we could manage our risk both now and in the future and protect the other 400,000 households we insure.”

According to the documents Allstate filed with the North Carolina Department of Insurance, the company will be “…non-renewing 30,400 standard homeowners policies, 10,500 landlord packaged policies, and 4,900 mobile home policies,” though it should be noted that the insurer is offering another coverage option, from one of its affiliates, Universal North America Insurance Co.

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