Maine Opens “Conversations with Communities” to Address Young Drivers

We all know that young drivers are among the most expensive motorists to insure, but were you aware that they’re also the group with the highest percentage of traffic accident fatalities?

It’s because of that second, and deadly, trend that we’re glad the state of Maine, including Governor Paul LePage and Secretary of State Charles Summers, Jr., have proclaimed that January is Young Driver Safety Awareness Month, even though it was the death of four young people over this past weekend that prompted the decision.

Specifically, two teenaged passengers died when a car with an 18-year-old driver who had been both drinking and texting, crashed. As well, a twenty-year-old driver died in an accident in Maine’s Freeman Township, and a nineteen-year-old died in another crash in Biddeford.

While the governor expressed his condolences to the families of the deceased young people, Mr. Summers was prompted to announce a series of meetings around the state, called “Conversations with Communities,” meant to discuss improving the safety of young motorists in Maine.

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