Colorado Considers Spaceflight Insurance

February is traditionally a slow month when it comes to changes in car insurance laws, which means we get to take a moment to look at other kinds of vehicle coverage.

In Colorado, for example, members of the legislature are working out the limitations of liability for companies carrying passengers into space.

Okay, we swear we didn’t make that up.

Apparently Senator Mary Hodge (D – Brighton) is concerned about the potential risks of spaceflight, but she’s also trying to promote a potential spaceflight hub planned for an airport east of Denver.

According to the Denver Post, the airport wants to launch rocket-propelled jets that would give passengers a suborbital adventure (the rockets would fire at an altitude of 50,000 feet) and under the bill being proposed the companies doing the launching could only be sued for the death or injury of passengers if gross negligence is proven.

We’re not sure how things will settle, but a similar bill has been grounded in New Mexico.

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