Tunnel Insurance a Possibility in Massachusetts

We’re all accustomed, by now, to the concept that auto insurance – and specifically liability insurance – is a requirement of being able to drive legally.

Now, lawmakers in Massachusetts are considering legislation that would require motorists using tunnels to be protected by the owners of those tunnels. Yes, Massachusetts wants to require tunnel owners to protect the “traveling public” with insurance.

The bill would give the state’s Office of the Inspector General the power to decide what type of insurance and how much coverage an individual tunnel’s owner would have to have. In exchange, tunnel owners would have an annual due-date of September 30th to provide proof of coverage. Owners who fail to purchase coverage will have insurance force-placed by the state, which would then bill them.

Supporters of this legislation explain that the goal is to protect motorists who use privately-owned tunnels, and to cover damages or the cost of medical care if accidents occur.

I find myself boggling that there are enough privately-owned tunnels to make this legislation worth the bother.

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