Survey Says Majority of Teens Text While Driving

This probably won’t surprise anyone, but the results of the State of Connecticut Departments of Public Health and Education released yesterday say that teens in that state both talk and text on their cell phones while operating motor vehicles.

The survey, which is conducted every two years, tracks risky behavior of Connecticut teenagers, as reported by the teens themselves.

This survey, which was conducted last spring, reveals that 53% of high school students in Connecticut had recently had a phone conversation while driving, while 51% admitted to sending email or text messaging. These numbers are based on a field of 2,058 students in the state’s public high schools.

Connecticut teenagers aren’t alone in their risky driving habits, however. A similar survey was also released on Thursday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and it said that across the country, 58% of American teenagers have the same bad cell-phone habits.

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One Response to Survey Says Majority of Teens Text While Driving

  1. David says:

    Some interesting info, I believe that this makes it more clear that all drivers should invest in car insurance. The risks on the road is getting more and more by the day.