Minnesota Offers Grants to Help End Auto Theft

In Minnesota, another car is stolen every hour, but the state’s Department of Commerce is offering grants to local law enforcement agencies, community organizations, and county prosecutors to help prevent further auto thefts. This is the third time the state has encouraged such groups to apply for funding.

What’s the funding for? Minnesota is looking for programs that help with:

- Identification of critical law enforcement issues related to auto theft
- Auto theft education for law enforcement officers and citizens
- Investigation and prosecution of auto theft suspects
- Collaboration between law enforcement agencies working to reduce auto theft
- Prevention of auto thefts which result in lower auto insurance premiums

Do these grants actually help? According to the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension’s Uniform Crime Report, they do. In fact, auto theft in Minnesota has declined by over 37 percent since 2004, when the grant program was first considered.

This year’s grants will be awarded for use between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2012. The deadline for applying is 4:00 PM CDT on Friday June 22nd, and details can be found on the website for the Minnesota Department of Commerce. Amounts begin at $5,000.

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One Response to Minnesota Offers Grants to Help End Auto Theft

  1. Mike Conner says:

    That is a great idea, I wish places on the west coast would offer similar programs. There is a lot of theft in California.