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Kansas Graduated License Law is Working

Two years ago, the state of Kansas enacted a law that required teen drivers to go through a graduated licensing procedure, in order to reduce the number of accidents involving teen drivers. This week, the Kansas Department of Transportation provided … Continue reading

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Montana Man Racks Up Ninth DUI

If you think your auto insurance rates are high, consider this story: 51-year-old James Alan Tate of Billings, Montana was charged with his ninth drunk driving offense last week. He was arrested last Wednesday, and is being held on bail … Continue reading

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DUI Hotel Open for Buisiness in Pennsylvania

Thirty years ago, state legislators in Pennsylvania mandated stricter penalties for drunk driving, including mandatory jail terms. Now, a program in Allegheny County allows people convicted of DUI to serve their time at the DUI Hotel. More correctly known as … Continue reading

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Video: What is SR-22

Whenever you’re convicted of a DUI, it’s likely that you’ll need SR-22 coverage as well, but what is SR-22? This video explains it all:

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