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Video Post: Texting While Driving Mayhem

We haven’t done a video post in a while, so please excuse us for being a little self-indulgent. We LOVE the Allstate “Mayhem Like Me” commercials, and this one, about teenagers texting while driving is one of our favorites both … Continue reading

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South Dakota Senate Passes Texting Ban

The South Dakota state Senate voted earlier today to ban typing, sending, or reading text messages while operating a motor vehicle, but drivers will still be able to make and receive voice calls from their phones, or use hands-free devices … Continue reading

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Auto Insurance Fraud Increasing in Minnesota

Auto insurance companies in the state of Minnesota are reporting that the number of fraudulent claims involving false or exaggerated injuries, something common in states like Florida, are now on the rise there, as well. According to the National Insurance … Continue reading

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San Diego Removes Red-Light Cameras

B ob Filner, mayor of San Diego, CA recently announced his decision to do away with the red-light cameras meant to enforce traffic laws in his city, stating that statistics from the program have not demonstrated that the cameras have … Continue reading

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