Missouri Likely to Allow Digital Proof of Insurance

For the most part, every driver is familiar with the habit of handing over their insurance card if they happen to get pulled over by the police or highway patrol. Many of us are organized enough to keep copies of these cards in our wallets, but the rest of us have to spend time digging through the glove compartment to find them.

In Missouri, the scene is likely to change soon. Late last month, the Missouri state Senate passed SB-317, a bill which would allow drivers to use digital images of their proof-of-insurance, stored on their smartphones, instead of hunting for and handing over a piece of paper.

As well, they would also be able to show digital proof of coverage to licensing clerks when renewing their driver’s licenses or automobile registration.

The bill, which was sponsored by Senator Gary Romine (R-Farmington), has moved to the state’s House of Representatives for their vote. If that chamber passes the legislation, it will go to the Governor to be signed into force.

Romine said that while paper insurance cards are easily lost in glove compartments, most people know exactly where their smartphone is at any given moment.

A caveat of the legislation: neither licensing clerks nor law enforcement officers will be considered liable if they accidentally drop a smartphone while verifying insurance.

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One Response to Missouri Likely to Allow Digital Proof of Insurance

  1. Greg says:

    Digital proof of insurance is going to be the standard soon for most state in my opinion since everyone will be able to operate things faster and police will not have to call the insurer to find out if a driver has insurance when they don’t have a little piece of paper. It will save money overall for states.