California Only Receives 10% of Ordered Car Chargers

As a key part of jump-starting (sic) the market for non-pollution-causing electric vehicles, regulators in the state of California made a deal with New Jersey-based energy company NRG to build a network of chargers throughout the golden state.

Unfortunately, NRG delivered a mere 10% of their goal in the first year of the agreement. Having initially promised to have more than a thousand stations up and running by December 5th, as of mid-November only 110 were actually operational.

NRG says there were unexpected problems that prevented the implementation of their plan, among which were apartment, mall, and office building owners who declined to provide space for the chargers.

Despite this, the NRG official in charge of roll-out in California is confident that by the end of 2016 they will have met their agreement and installed at least 10,200 car charging stations.

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