Tips for Avoiding Flood Damaged Cars

The problem with the aftermath of floods is that it isn’t just real property that gets damaged, but also that cars can be damaged. NADA (The National Automobile Dealers Association) wants to alert consumers about the possibility that flood-damaged cars from Mississippi and Louisiana are being sold to buyers in other states, with their titles altered to hide the damage.

Think the car you’re considering is flood damaged? Here’s how to be sure it’s not:

Order a vehicle history report.
Check the spare tire well for standing water.
Be leery if a car smells musty or moldy.
Be suspicious of vehicles with recently shampooed carpets.
Look for grit, dirt or rust on components under the hood.
Be wary of used cars with brand new upholstery.

Also? Have your mechanic look at every used car before you finalize the purchase.

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