Insuring Santa’s Sleigh?

It’s Christmas Eve, and we’d normally just wish you a happy Christmas and be done with it, but instead, we’re sharing this post from esurance’s website (posted a couple years ago.) It’s about how that company would insure Santa’s sleigh. Enjoy:

ZIP Code: Since there’s no ZIP at the North Pole, he picks one from a letter on his desk. Turns out to be North Prairie, Wisconsin. “Perfect.”
Year: He chooses the oldest available in the dropdown — 1981.
Make: Jaguar. “I like the sound of that.”
Model: XJ6
Type: Sedan, 4-door. “Eh, close enough,” he chuckles naughtily.
Is this vehicle equipped with a snowplow? “How’d they know?!”
Primary use: Pleasure. “Oh what fun it is to ride,” Santa hums.
How many miles per year: More than 15,000 — “24,906 around the world to be precise.”
Ownership status: Paid for. “This baby is mine!”

So far, so good. Now onto the next section: primary driver info.

First name: Santa
Last name: Claus
Gender: Male
Marital status: Married
Date of birth: 12/25/1950 “Don’t want ’em to know I’m THAT old.”
Do you currently have car insurance? “Nope. I’m Santa.”
Have you had any accidents or claims in the last 3 years? “Of course not.”
Have you had any speeding tickets or other minor violations in the last 3 years? “Clean as a whistle.”
Have you had any DUIs or other major violations in the last 5 years? “Does eggnog count? Kidding!”

And … quote!

It comes out to $66.98 a month or $394.00 for 6 months. “Well, that’s not bad at all,” Santa thinks to himself. And if it makes Mrs. Claus happy, then it’s well worth it. So he clicks “continue” and within just a few minutes, he has coverage for his sleigh … er … Jag.

Mind you, insurance prices have changed since esurance originally posted this, and Santa may have gotten a better deal at a specialty car insurer, but it’s good to know the big guy is covered in case the deep freeze over Thanksgiving left your roof less-than-stable.

Isn’t it?

(Merry Christmas from all of us at Cheapest Auto

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