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Video: DUI and Holiday Driving

It’s New Year’s Eve, and we want you to have a Happy and Safe 2014. Buzzed driving or fully drunk driving are especially likely between Thanksgiving and Christmas. This video helps inform you of the best way to stay safe … Continue reading

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Oklahoma’s Peoria Tribe Not Liable in 2006 Crash

In a reversal of a previous ruling, the Oklahoma Supreme Court has stated that a family that was injured in an automobile accident seven years ago cannot sue either the Buffalo Run Casino, where the other driver had been drinking, … Continue reading

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Kentucky: Don’t Drink and Tailgate?

If you live in Kentucky, you might want to be extra careful about drinking alcohol at any tailgating events during this college football season, especially if you’re under age. Why? Because employees of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Enforcement Division are … Continue reading

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Lightning Strike Kills DUI Database

Drunk drivers in South Carolina got a temporary reprieve last month, when the data server upon which 22 year’s worth of information – including evidence – was stored was struck by lightning. We’re not making that up. According to Thom … Continue reading

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Washington State Considers Harsher DUI Penalties

Washington state Governor, Jay Inslee, working with a bipartisan group of state lawmakers, has announced a plan to make changes to the state’s existing laws governing drunk and impaired driving. Among the new penalties would be the requirement of arresting … Continue reading

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New Mexico Considers Home Breathalyzers

When it comes to curbing drunk driving, the use of ignition interlock devices is becoming more and more common around the country, but in New Mexico, supporters of that technology are lobbying to expand their use, so that convicted DUI … Continue reading

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Minnesota Anti-DUI Campaign Nets 1300 Arrests in December

As of December 20th, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety was reporting that 1,300 people had been arrested for driving while intoxicated so far this month. This is part of a month-long campaign by state law enforcement agencies who have … Continue reading

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