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Tips for Avoiding Flood Damaged Cars

The problem with the aftermath of floods is that it isn’t just real property that gets damaged, but also that cars can be damaged. NADA (The National Automobile Dealers Association) wants to alert consumers about the possibility that flood-damaged cars … Continue reading

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Video: Winter Weather Readiness

It’s December, which means much of the country is experiencing winter weather. Avoid accidents (and the resultant accident claims on your car insurance) by making sure your car is ready for winter. This video shows you how:

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Vermont Motorists Receive Restitution for Damage Evaluation

Good news for Vermont motorists who had insurance through Wisconsin-based Dairyland Insurance: according to the Vermont Department of Financial Regulation, those motorists with improperly evaluated damage claims will be receiving restitution. Specfically, $16,000 has been allotted to customers whose damage … Continue reading

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Car Insurance Doesn’t Cover Bait Car, But Homeowners Does.

The city of Albuquerque, NM is refusing to pay for damages to private home that was damaged when teens driving a city-owned “bait car” drove it into the house. Bait cars are vehicles used to catch thieves or “sting” staged … Continue reading

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Video: Car Crashes

Happy New Year. We always begin the month with a video, and this year, we’re giving you a video full of car crashes. Why? Because we all stop for them, which just increases the delays in traffic as we rubberneck … Continue reading

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Video: Progressive’s Latest Ad

We love the ads for Progressive Insurance, and we’re pretty sure you do, too, so for this video post, we’re sharing their latest ad, which launched at the beginning of November:

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Friday Matinee – Switching

It’s Friday and it’s the first day of fall, so we’re having a little fun, with this spoof video we found on YouTube, proof that sometimes even car insurance can be funny.

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