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MN Legislature Considers Drivers Licenses for Illegal Immigrants

The subject of whether or not undocumented immigrants should be allowed to obtain drivers licenses is hotly contested in various states throughout the country, but Minnesota state Senator Bobby Joe Champion (D – Minneapolis) has sponsored a bill that would … Continue reading

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Auto Insurance Fraud Increasing in Minnesota

Auto insurance companies in the state of Minnesota are reporting that the number of fraudulent claims involving false or exaggerated injuries, something common in states like Florida, are now on the rise there, as well. According to the National Insurance … Continue reading

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Minnesota Anti-DUI Campaign Nets 1300 Arrests in December

As of December 20th, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety was reporting that 1,300 people had been arrested for driving while intoxicated so far this month. This is part of a month-long campaign by state law enforcement agencies who have … Continue reading

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Minnesota Offers Grants to Help End Auto Theft

In Minnesota, another car is stolen every hour, but the state’s Department of Commerce is offering grants to local law enforcement agencies, community organizations, and county prosecutors to help prevent further auto thefts. This is the third time the state … Continue reading

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Minnesota Campaign Catches 93 Extreme Speeders

If your car insurance coverage includes a diminishing deductible, better watch your speed. Moving violations can knock you back to the starting point of your plan. You’ll probably want to be especially cautious about your speed if you’re driving in … Continue reading

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